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Frank Watson



SCOT Committee

Duncan Sinclair



Jack Walker
Vice Chairman Edward Hartlebury

Secretary Duncan Sinclair
Minutes Secretary  Paul Kennedy
Treasurer  Margaret Paterson

Concert Secretary Jack Walker
Membership Secretary  Ruth Muirhead
Sales Officer Margaret Paterson
Committee Members Technical Team

Ken Darroch
David Gray
Robert Pearsall
George Walker
Aaron Hawthorne

Rod Paton
Robert Pearsall
George Walker
Frank Watson

 The Club welcomes players of any ability and non-players. The instruments maintained by the Trust are available to users for practice.
If you have a technical background, stay in Central Scotland and want a really way-out hobby to boast about in the local hostelry why not join the Technical Team?
Or why not just join the club and support the work that we do?
Just click on the link to Membership on the home page of our website.

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